Amber's Closet

Amber's Closet

YouTube Star

Amber Whittington, known online as Amber’s Closet, is a YouTube creator, actress, and former basketball player based in Los Angeles, California.

Full Name
Amber Whittington
Sep 17, 1985
6' 4"
Net Worth


Amber Whittington, known as Amber’s Closet, is a popular YouTuber based in the U.S. She was born on September 17, 1985, making her a Virgo, and raised in California. Details about her childhood life remain a mystery to the public, but we do know that her father is Authur Whittington, her mother is Karen Asher, and she has a sister named Ashton. They both hold American citizenship and are of Caucasian ethnicity. Whittington and her sister developed a strong bond when they were young. They have remained close and are often seen hanging out together, with Ashton frequently appearing in her sister’s videos. Whittington went to Christian Brothers High School before attending Sacramento City College for Economics and Drama. In college, Amber was a very active lady. She played on the school’s basketball team and was recognized as the team’s most valuable player throughout her stay. She played through all four years and received both ‘All-City’ and ‘All-Conference’ honors twice.

Amazingly, Whittington stumbled upon a YouTube career. Her sister already had a channel called “Ashtons Closet” and featured Whittington in a sister tag video. Ashton’s fans took a liking to Whittington, encouraging her to make her own channel. A month later, she did. Whittington posted her first video, “Ask Amber,” on October 25.

She is gay and has been praised for being open and proud of her sexuality, something most celebrities try to hide. She came out as a lesbian on her YouTube channel several years ago and has made various videos on L.G.B.T.Q.+ topics, including “How Religion Had An Impact On Our Sexual Experiences W/Shan Boody” and “Types Of Lesbians.”

Life Timeline

Why We Love Them

A. She’s aware of social issues

Whittington knows that our society isn’t perfect, and she’s not afraid to speak up about it. For the 2020 Streamy Awards, she contributed a video about racial justice.

B. She’s honest

She came out as gay on her YouTube channel. She’s not ashamed of her sexuality and encourages others to be the same.

C. She has excellent content

Whittington posts entertaining yet informative videos. Her channel features vlogs and chatty or informational videos.

Interesting Facts

1. Her videos get tons of views

Her most popular video, “Stem VS Fem: Kissing Challenge pt2,” has 36 million views.

2. Her sister was a YouTuber first

Whittington’s first YouTube appearance was in a video on her sister’s channel.

3. She dated Ava Pearl

Whittington used to date Pearl, a fellow YouTuber.

4. She is a family girl

Whittington is close to her family, specifically her sister.

5. She loves playing basketball

She played basketball in college and still does today.


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