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Devon Lee Carlson

Devon Lee Carlson, born August 3, 1994, is a well-known model, fashion designer and Instagram influencer, appearing in campaigns for major brands around the world.

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Devon Lee Carlson is an American Instagram star and fashion designer known for her streetwear brand, Wildflower. With the launch of Wildflower, Carlson has established herself as one of the leading fashion influencers in the industry, boasting over 3 million followers and notable collaborations with major brands.

When is Devon Lee Carlson birthday?

Devon Lee Carlson is an American Instagram star and model born on August 3, 1994, who is currently 29. She is best known for her Instagram account, which showcases her glamorous lifestyle, and her appearances in campaigns for brands such as Nordstrom and Calvin Klein.

What is the Net Worth of Devon Lee Carlson?

Devon Lee Carlson has an estimated net worth of $1.5M. She is best known as a social media personality, blogger, and influencer. Her wealth comes from her endorsements and sponsored posts, as well as her own successful business ventures such as her clothing line, POPLUL by Devon Lee.