Alexa Demie

Alexa Demie

Movie Actress

Alexa Demie is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role as Maddy Perez on the HBO teen drama television series Euphoria. Demie made her feature film debut with a minor role in the comedy-drama Brigsby Bear, and went on to star in the coming-of-age film Mid90s and the drama film Waves.

Full Name
Alexa Demie Wilson
Dec 11, 1990
5′ 6″
Net Worth


Alexa Demie was born on December 11, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. She is an American actress and singer who is best known for her roles as Maddy Perez in the HBO series Euphoria and as Nico in Waves. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and her ethnicity is Mexican-American.

Demie began acting professionally at the age of 17 after appearing in a few commercials. She made her television debut in a 2010 episode of the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, followed by guest appearances in other shows such as The Middle and Switched at Birth. In 2018, she was cast as Maddy Perez in the HBO series Euphoria, which earned her critical acclaim. That same year, she starred alongside Sterling K. Brown in the movie Waves, playing Nico Williams, a role that earned her several award nominations including an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Female.

Demie has also appeared in several music videos including "My Type" by Saweetie and "Lemonade" by Internet Money featuring Gunna, Don Toliver and NAV. She released her debut EP 3:33am in 2019 which was met with positive reviews from critics. Demie's second EP  At the Party With My Brown Friends was released later that year to further critical acclaim.

Life Timeline

<div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1995</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Alexa Demie is Born</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">On December 11, 1995, Alexa Demie was born in Los Angeles, California.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2009</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Starts Acting Career</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Demie starts her acting career with a small role in the television series "Bones".</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2014</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">First Feature Film Role</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Demie stars in her first feature film, "Believe Me".</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2018</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Leading Role in Mid90s</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Demie plays a leading role in the acclaimed coming of age film "Mid90s", directed by Jonah Hill.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2019</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Breakout Role in Euphoria</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Demie stars as Maddy Perez in the HBO drama series "Euphoria" and receives critical acclaim for her performance.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2020</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Nominated for a Golden Globe Award</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2021</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Leading Role in The Photograph</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Stars opposite Issa Rae in the romantic drama film "The Photograph", directed by Stella Meghie.</p></div>

Why We Love Them

<div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">A.</span> She's Talented</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Alexa Demie is a talented actress, having appeared in a number of film and television roles. Her performances have been praised by critics, and she has become one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">B.</span> She's Versatile</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Alexa Demie is a versatile actress, able to take on a variety of roles with ease. She can play both comedic and dramatic roles, as well as anything in between. This versatility makes her an invaluable asset to any project.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">C.</span> She's Inspiring</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Alexa Demie is an inspiring figure for young women everywhere. She is a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success. Additionally, she is active in various charities that help those in need.</p></div>

Interesting Facts

<div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">1.</span> Born in California</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Alexa Demie was born in Los Angeles, California on August 11, 1994.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">2.</span> Started Acting at Age 16</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Alexa Demie began acting professionally at age 16 when she appeared in an episode of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">3.</span> First Major Role in Euphoria</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Alexa Demie's first major role was in the HBO series Euphoria, playing Maddy Perez, a high school student dealing with mental health issues.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">4.</span> Has Appeared in Music Videos</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Alexa Demie has appeared in music videos for artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla Sign.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">5.</span> A Big Animal Lover</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Alexa Demie is a big animal lover and has two cats named Remy and Luca. She also volunteers for animal rescue organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society.</p></div>


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