Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney

Pop Singer

Jesse McCartney is an American actor and singer. He achieved fame in the late 1990s on the daytime drama All My Children as JR Chandler. He later joined boy band Dream Street, and eventually branched out into a solo musical career.

Full Name
Apr 9, 1987
5′ 9″
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Jesse McCartney was born April 9, 1987 in Westchester County, New York to Scott and Ginger McCartney. He began performing at age seven, appearing in shows such as The King and I, Grease, and Gypsy. At the age of ten, he began his career as a solo artist by singing the national anthem at various sporting events. 

In 1998 Jesse became part of the group Dream Street which released their self-titled album in 1999. After leaving the group in 2002, Jesse launched his solo career with the single "Beautiful Soul". This song was featured on his debut album of the same name which was released in 2004 and contained songs he had been writing since he was 14 years old. The album went on to become double platinum selling over 2 million copies worldwide. 

Jesse has since gone on to release a total of seven studio albums; Departure (2008), Have It All (2010), In Technicolor (2014), Right Where You Want Me (2006), Beautiful Soul (2004), Departure: Recharged (2009) and Warmer Winter EP (2017). 

Throughout his career Jesse has won numerous awards including two Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music Single: Male Artist and Choice Music Love Song for “Leavin’”, two MTV Video Music Awards Japan for Best R&B Video and Best Pop Video for “Beautiful Soul” and an ASCAP Pop Award for Most Performed Song of 2009 for “Leavin'”.  

Outside of music, Jesse is also an actor who has appeared in films such as Keith (2008), Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) and Alice Upside Down (2007).

Life Timeline

<div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1987</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Jesse McCartney is Born</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">On April 9, 1987, Jesse McCartney was born in Ardsley, New York.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1998</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">First Breakthrough Role</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">McCartney lands his first major acting role as Adam Chandler Jr. on the soap opera All My Children.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2000</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Debut Album Released</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases his debut album, Beautiful Soul, to commercial and critical success.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2004</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Acting Role in Summerland</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Lands the role of Bradin Westerly in the television series Summerland.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2008</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Broadway Debut in A Chorus Line</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Makes his Broadway debut in the revival of A Chorus Line.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2011</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Third Studio Album Drops</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases his third studio album, Have It All, to moderate success.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2018</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Fourth Studio Album Released</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases his fourth studio album, In Technicolor, to positive reviews.</p></div>

Why We Love Them

<div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">A.</span> He's a Talented Singer and Songwriter</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Jesse McCartney is a talented singer and songwriter with an impressive musical portfolio. His music has been featured in movies, TV shows, and even Broadway productions. His songs are catchy and full of emotion, making them perfect for any occasion.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">B.</span> He's a Great Actor</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Jesse McCartney is also an amazing actor. He's been in several hit movies such as Ella Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Greek. He is an incredible performer and can really bring characters to life on the big screen.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">C.</span> He's an Advocate for Social Change</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Jesse McCartney is also an advocate for social change. He has used his platform to raise awareness about important causes such as poverty, homelessness, animal rights, LGBTQ rights, gender equality, and more. He is passionate about making the world a better place and inspiring others to do the same.</p></div>

Interesting Facts

<div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">1.</span> Started Acting at Age of 10</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Jesse McCartney began his career as an actor at the age of 10, appearing in several Broadway musicals, including “The King and I” and “A Christmas Carol”.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">2.</span> Signed His First Recording Contract at Age 15</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Jesse McCartney signed his first recording contract at the age of 15 with Hollywood Records. He released his debut solo album, “Beautiful Soul”, a year later in 2004.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">3.</span> Started a Band at Age 12</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Jesse McCartney formed a band called "Dead End Street" at the age of 12 with some of his friends from school. The group performed covers of popular songs at local parties and events.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">4.</span> Starred in His Own TV Show</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">In 2007, Jesse McCartney starred in his own television show on The CW network called “All About Us”. The sitcom aired for one season before being cancelled due to low ratings.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">5.</span> Won Several Awards</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Jesse McCartney has been nominated for and won several awards throughout his career, including three Teen Choice Awards, five Radio Disney Music Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards.</p></div>


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