Maya Benberry

Maya Benberry

Reality Star

Maya Benberry was born on December 27, 1991. Benberry rose to fame after appearing in the reality show “Catching Kelce.” Since then, the star has been in several reality shows, launched a beauty line, and became a dating coach.

Full Name
Dec 27, 1991
5' 8"
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Maya Benberry was born in Germany on December 27, 1991. Although Benberry was born in Germany, she was raised in Kentucky, U.S. There is no information regarding her childhood, her parents, or her siblings. After graduating from high school, Benberry attended Kentucky University, where she obtained a degree in elementary education.

Benberry never followed a career as an elementary teacher — the star was more interested in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In 2016, she participated in the American reality show “Catching Kelce.” On the show, 50 women, one from each of the states in the U.S., tried to catch the eye of bachelor and N.F.L. star player Travis Kelce. Benberry won the show by winning Kelce’s heart. Benberry and Kelce dated for a while after the show ended, but the couple split up soon after. In 2018, Benberry took part in another popular reality show, “Ex on the Beach.” On the show, she had a romance with Malcolm Drummer.

In 2022, Benberry became an official lifestyle, health care, and relationship coach. In February 2022, she launched her Instagram account, Moments with Maya Benberry, where she posts motivational quotes and advice. She also offers personal sessions. Currently, the reality star and lifestyle coach remains single and is happily focusing on growing her career.

Life Timeline

Why We Love Them

A. She won in “Catching Kelce”

Benberry is an intelligent, strong, and beautiful woman. There is no doubt as to why she won Kelce’s heart.

B. She promotes self-love

Benberry is all about self-love. She also encourages other women to develop healthy and loving relationships with themselves.

C. She is a great lifestyle coach

Benberry is an amazing lifestyle and healthcare coach. You can book a personal session with her or you can visit her Instagram for tips and information. She often posts motivational quotes and helpful advice about life, relationships, self-love, and more!

Interesting Facts

1. Her personal Instagram is quiet

Benberry is not very active on her personal Instagram account.

2. She likes playing dress-up

Benberry once dressed up as a Viking for Halloween.

3. She owns a dog

Benberry has a lovely and cute dog called Braxton.

4. She is a basketball fan

Benberry enjoys attending basketball games.

5. She enjoys thunderstorms

It may sound odd, but Benberry loves thunderstorms.


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