Alonzo Arnold

Alonzo Arnold


Alonzo Arnold, born November 19, 1990, is a celebrity wigmaker and hairstylist, creating looks for several celebrities, including Solange Knowles, Keke Palmer, Remy Ma, and Cardi B, to name a few.

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Nov 19, 1990
5' 5"
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Alonzo Arnold was born on November 19, 1990. He is known as a famous hairstylist and wigmaker, synonymous with the ability to cut through various gender identities. He is affectionately known as the ‘Beyonce of Bundles.’ He has designed looks for numerous celebrities, including Cardi B, Solange Knowles, K. Michelle, Karrueche, Keke Palmer, Remy Ma, and many others.

Arnold is also known for having created a scintillating social media personality. He started his professional hairstyling journey in November 2013. He initially worked at a restaurant, and when he was completely broke and doing poorly in his career, he got a brainwave. He took his sister to her hair appointment, where inspiration struck him. He spent his final $150 on buying flat irons, shampoo, and other items and doing a co-worker’s hair, which she appreciated.

Arnold also started creating wigs in order to give his clients different looks. He initially started selling them for around $250 each. He then started focusing only on wigs as of January 2017. He is inspired by Japanese and other Asian art for his wigs. He also launched his website in September 2020, along with a new line of wigs and hair tools in October 2020. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and the year 2017 saw him open his first hair salon in downtown Atlanta as well. He has also appeared on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop.” Arnold also offers classes, teaching his techniques to fellow stylists. He is the maker of ‘Hype Hair,’ a luxury hair product line. He was also chosen by the globally-famous Bronner Brothers brand to host a seminar.

Life Timeline

Why We Love Them

A. He is a true struggler

Arnold has come up the hard way. He knows the value of sticking to his roots.

B. He managed to find his right path

Arnold was on the wrong track when he identified and chose his calling. This is what made him what he is today.

C. He is a great teacher

Arnold is not insecure about teaching other stylists his own techniques and special touches. He shares his knowledge and helps them find their own niche in this industry.

Interesting Facts

1. He initially worked at a restaurant

Arnold started as a restaurant worker and only started doing hairstyling on the side.

2. His sister’s hair appointment triggered his career

Upon taking his sister to a hair appointment, Arnold was fascinated to see the stylists, which made him switch professions.

3. He also teaches other stylists

Arnold does not believe in keeping his knowledge to himself, so he teaches other stylists regularly.

4. He has his own product line

Arnold has his own product line named ‘Hype Hair’ that offers luxury hair tools and other products.

5. Rihanna is his dream client

Arnold has publicly stated that Rihanna is his dream client since he is always willing to try new things and experiment.


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