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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Beyoncé is known for her boundary-pushing artistry and her vocal prowess. Her success has made her a cultural icon and earned her the nickname "Queen Bey". Beyoncé performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child.

Full Name
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles
Sep 4, 1981
Net Worth


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Beyoncé attended St. Mary's Elementary School and then went to the High School for the Performing Arts in Houston. During her teenage years she formed a girl group with her cousin Kelly Rowland and two other friends called Girl's Tyme. The group auditioned for several record labels but were unsuccessful until they signed with Columbia Records in 1997 and changed their name to Destiny's Child.

Destiny's Child released their self-titled debut album in 1998 which achieved multi-platinum status. They continued to release successful albums until 2002 when they announced a hiatus. Beyoncé then began her solo career with the release of Dangerously in Love in 2003 which spawned several hit singles such as "Crazy in Love" and earned her five Grammy Awards. In 2006, she released B'Day which produced hit singles like "Irreplaceable" and "Beautiful Liar."

In 2008, Beyoncé headlined the I Am World Tour which grossed over $86 million worldwide. She also released her third studio album I Am… Sasha Fierce which included hit singles like "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." In 2011, she embarked on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and released her fourth studio album Beyoncé featuring hit singles like "Drunk in Love." She has since released Lemonade (2016), Everything Is Love (2018) with husband Jay-Z as The Carters, Homecoming: The Live Album (2019), Black Is King (2020) and a live album titled Homecoming: The Live Album (2019). 

Beyoncé is one of the most acclaimed recording artists of all time with multiple awards including 20 Grammys, nine Billboard Music Awards, 24 MTV Video Music Awards and 28 NAACP Image Awards among others. She is also one of the world’s best-selling music artists having sold over 100 million records worldwide as a solo artist and 60 million records as part of Destiny’s Child making her one of the world's best-selling music artists of all time.

Life Timeline

<div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1981</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Beyoncé is Born</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">On September 4, 1981, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is born in Houston, Texas.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1990</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Formation of Destiny’s Child</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Beyoncé forms the R&B girl group Destiny's Child with LaTavia Roberson and Kelly Rowland.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1998</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Destiny’s Child Reaches Number One on Billboard Hot 100</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">The group's single "No, No, No" reaches number one on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2003</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Debut Solo Album Released</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Beyoncé releases her debut solo album Dangerously in Love which goes on to be certified platinum four times.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2008</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Marriage to Jay-Z</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Beyoncé marries rapper Jay-Z in a private ceremony in New York City.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2013</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Beyoncé Performs at the Super Bowl</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Performs during halftime of Super Bowl XLVII with Destiny's Child and halftime show headliner, Bruno Mars.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2021</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Release of Black Is King Visual Album</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases her visual album Black Is King to accompany her 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift.</p></div>

Why We Love Them

<div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">A.</span> She's a Strong Female Role Model</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Beyoncé is a strong female role model and has made it to the top of her field through hard work and dedication. Her success is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you set your mind to it.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">B.</span> She's A Talented Pop Singer</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Beyoncé is a talented pop singer who has created timeless music that has touched the hearts of people all around the world. Her music is powerful, creative and uplifting, and she always brings something new to the table.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">C.</span> She's A Cultural Icon</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Beyonce has become an iconic figure in pop culture and beyond. She has broken down barriers for women in the music industry and has been a champion for social causes, such as racism and sexism. She is a symbol of hope and inspiration for many people around the world.</p></div>

Interesting Facts

<div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">1.</span> First Female Artist to Headline Coachella</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Beyoncé was the first female artist ever to headline the world-famous Coachella music festival in 2018.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">2.</span> Most Grammys Won by a Female Artist</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Beyoncé holds the record for the most Grammy Awards won by a female artist with 24 awards.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">3.</span> Holds Guinness World Record for Most Twitter Followers</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Beyoncé is the most followed person on Twitter, with over 128 million followers, and holds the Guinness World Record for this title.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">4.</span> Was a Member of an All-Female R&B Group</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Before becoming a solo artist, Beyoncé was a member of the all-female group Destiny’s Child which released four best selling albums.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">5.</span> Started Singing at Age 7</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Beyoncé began singing at age 7 with her daughter Blue Ivy, who is now 9 years old. They have both been featured on many of her songs together.</p></div>


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