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Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson, aka Dr Johnson, was a renowned English writer famous for his works in literature; he is considered the most eminent man of letters in British history.

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December 13, 1784
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Samuel Johnson was an 18th century English non-fiction author, poet, and lexicographer. His dictionary of the English language, Dictionary of the English Language, was the preeminent dictionary of its time and served as a model for centuries of compilation and lexicography to come. He is credited with popularizing the modern essay and modern narrative verse.

When is Samuel Johnson birthday?

Samuel Johnson was a renowned non-fiction author who was born on September 18, 1709, and died on December 13, 1784 at the age of 75. Johnson is best known as a lexicographer, as he compiled one of the first comprehensive English dictionaries published in 1755. He was also a renowned essayist and critic.