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Dominic Richard Harrison, known professionally as Yungblud, is an English singer, musician, songwriter and actor. In 2018, he released his first EP, Yungblud, followed shortly after by the album 21st Century Liability. In 2019, he released another EP, The Underrated Youth.

Full Name
Dominic Richard Harrison
Aug 5, 1997
In a relationship
5' 10"
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Dominic Harrison, better known as Yungblud, is an English singer and songwriter born on August 5th, 1997 in Doncaster, England. His zodiac sign is Leo and his ethnicity is British-English. Known for his innovative style of alternative rock music, Dominic was raised in a creative family who encouraged him to pursue his passions from a young age.

At the age of 15, he began writing lyrics and playing guitar and drums. In 2014, he started performing live at local gigs in the area and released his debut EP 'Yungblud' the following year. 

Since then, Yungblud has gone on to gain worldwide recognition with his unique sound combining elements of punk rock, hip hop, rap and pop. He released his second EP 'The Underrated Youth' in 2019 which featured hit songs like ‘Parents’ and ‘11 Minutes’. His debut album '21st Century Liability' followed shortly after which peaked at number four on the UK Albums Chart.

As well as being an acclaimed musician, Yungblud has been involved with a range of charitable projects throughout his career such as raising money for homeless charities in Manchester and supporting mental health awareness campaigns across social media platforms. He also frequently speaks out about LGBTQ+ rights and equality issues in modern society.

Life Timeline

<div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1997</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Yungblud is Born</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">On August 5, 1997, Yungblud was born Dominic Harrison in Doncaster, England.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2015</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Begins Posting Music on SoundCloud</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Yungblud begins to post his music on the streaming platform SoundCloud.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2017</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Signs with Geffen Records</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Signs a recording contract with Geffen Records and releases his debut single "King Charles".</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2018</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Releases Debut Album '21st Century Liability'</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases his debut album 21st Century Liability to critical acclaim.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2019</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Performs at Glastonbury Festival</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Performs at the world famous Glastonbury music festival in England.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2020</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Releases Second Album 'Weird!'</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Releases his second studio album Weird! to positive reviews.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2021</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Nominated for Brit Award</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Nominated for Best British Male Solo Artist at the 2021 Brit Awards.</p></div>

Why We Love Them

<div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">A.</span> He's a Talented Musician</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Yungblud is an incredibly talented musician. His unique blend of punk, rock and rap create a sound that is unlike any other. His music resonates with fans from all walks of life and he often speaks out on issues that are important to young people today.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">B.</span> He's a Great Role Model</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Yungblud is a great role model for his fans. He speaks openly about mental health and self-expression, which is something many young people can relate to. He also uses his platform to support causes such as LGBTQ rights and environmentalism.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">C.</span> He Connects With His Fans</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Yungblud really connects with his fans. He often interacts with them on social media, and even hosts Q&A sessions online so that he can answer their questions directly. He also goes out of his way to meet fans at shows and give them special gifts.</p></div>

Interesting Facts

<div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">1.</span> Yungblud is from Doncaster, England</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Yungblud is a British singer-songwriter born Dominic Harrison in Doncaster, England. He was brought up in the north of England and is known for his unique blend of rock, punk, and hip-hop.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">2.</span> Yungblud is a Vegan</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Yungblud is a vegan and strongly advocates for animal rights. He also supports environmental protection and other social causes.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">3.</span> Yungblud Co-Wrote with Halsey</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Yungblud co-wrote the hit single "11 Minutes" with Halsey and Blink 182's Travis Barker. The single peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">4.</span> Yungblud Started as an Actor</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Yungblud started out as an actor before pursuing a career in music. He had roles in films such as The ABC Murders and The Festival, as well as appearing in television shows like Coronation Street.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">5.</span> Yungblud Was Nominated for Two BRIT Awards</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">In 2020, Yungblud was nominated for two BRIT Awards, including Best British Male Solo Artist and Breakthrough Act of the Year. He won the latter award which made him the first artist to win a BRIT Award in his home country before releasing an album.</p></div>


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