Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley

Basketball Player

Charles Wade Barkley is an American former professional basketball player who is a television analyst on TNT. Nicknamed "Sir Charles", "Chuck", and "the Round Mound of Rebound", Barkley played 16 seasons in the National Basketball Association for three teams.

Full Name
Charles Wade Barkley
Feb 20, 1963
6′ 6″
Net Worth


Charles Wade Barkley was born on February 20, 1963 in Leeds, Alabama. He is an American retired professional basketball player and current analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. Barkley grew up in the South with his parents and two sisters. His mother, Charcey Glenn, was a housewife while his father, Frank Barkley, worked as a custodian at a local high school. Barkley attended Leeds High School, where he excelled in basketball and football. After graduating from high school in 1981, he attended Auburn University on a full athletic scholarship. 

    At Auburn University, Barkley became one of the most dominant college players of all time. In 1984, he won the SEC Player of the Year award and was named to the All-SEC first team. He also earned All-American honors twice and was one of only two players to win an NCAA rebounding title three times (first in 1984). In 1985, he declared for the N.B.A draft and was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the fifth overall pick. 

    Barkley went on to have a successful 16-year career in the N.B.A playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. During his career he was named an 11-time All-Star (1987–1997) and 5 times All-NBA First Team selection (1988–1991, 1993). He won 2 gold medals at Summer Olympics (1992 & 1996). He also won 1 MVP Award (1993), 1 NBA Scoring Title (1993) and 3 regular season rebounding titles (1986–1988). He retired from playing professional basketball in 2000 after leading his teams to 8 playoff appearances including 2 trips to the N.B.A Finals in 1993 & 1994 with Phoenix Suns where he lost both series against Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan respectively.

Life Timeline

<div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1963</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Charles Barkley is Born</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">On February 20, 1963, Charles Barkley was born in Leeds, Alabama.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1984</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">NBA Drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Barkley was drafted 5th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1984 NBA Draft.</p></div>

     <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1985</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Named NBA All-Star</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Named an NBA All-Star for the first time in 1985.</p></div>

     <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1992</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Wins Olympic Gold Medal with Dream Team</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Charles Barkley wins a gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics as part of the iconic "Dream Team".</p></div>

     <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1993</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Traded to Phoenix Suns</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Phoenix Suns</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">1996</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">MVP of All Star Game</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Named MVP of the 1996 NBA All Star Game.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="timeline-item"><p id="" class="timeline-year">2000</p><h3 id="" class="timeline-title">Retires from NBA</h3><p id="" class="timeline-text">Announces his retirement from the NBA after sixteen seasons.</p></div>

Why We Love Them

<div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">A.</span> He's an Inspirational Leader</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Charles Barkley is an inspirational leader. He has been a mentor to many young athletes and has inspired them to achieve greatness. His leadership and guidance have helped many players reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">B.</span> He's an Entertaining Personality</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Charles Barkley has one of the most entertaining personalities in sports today. His witty comments and intense interviews make him an exciting presence both on and off the court. He also provides plenty of laughs and keeps viewers entertained with his antics.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="whywelove-item"><h3 id="" class="whywelove-title"><span class="whywelove-leter">C.</span> He's a Great Player</h3><p id="" class="whywelove-text">Charles Barkley is a great player who has achieved many accolades throughout his career. He was an 11 time NBA All Star, a 5 time All NBA Selection and he was also named MVP in 1993. Throughout his career he has proven to be one of the greatest players ever.</p></div>

Interesting Facts

<div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">1.</span> First Basketball Player to be Named MVP and Sixth Man of the Year</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Charles Barkley was the first basketball player to be named MVP and Sixth Man of the Year in the same season in 1993.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">2.</span> First Player to be Drafted Straight Out of High School</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">In 1984, Charles Barkley became the first player to be drafted straight out of high school.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">3.</span> Held the Title of Shortest Player to Lead the League in Rebounding</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">During the 1986-1987 season, Charles Barkley held the title of shortest player to lead the league in rebounding with 12.8 rebounds per game.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">4.</span> First Basketball Player to Compete in the Olympic Games</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">In 1992, Charles Barkley became the first basketball player to compete in the Olympic games for Team USA.</p></div>

    <div id="" class="facts-item"><h3 id="" class="facts-title"><span class="facts-number">5.</span> Only Player to Score 20,000 Points, 10,000 Rebounds and 4,000 Assists</h3><p id="" class="facts-text">Charles Barkley is the only NBA player to have scored 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists in his career.</p></div>


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